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What Can a Dollar and Eleven Cents Do?

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Look at the picture and discuss the questions that follow:
What Can a Dollar and Eleven Cents Do? (
1. What can you say about the shop?
2. When does one go to such shops?
3. Why do you think the girl has come to the shop?
4. What do you think is the girl saying to the shopkeeper?
5. Does she look happy?  What makes you think so?
6. Who might be ill?

A. Reading

Read the following story and answer the questions that follow:

        An eight-year-old child, Tess, heard her parents talking about her little brother, Andrew. All she knew was that Andrew was very sick and her parents did not have enough money for the treatment.  They were moving into a smaller house because they could not afford to stay in the present house after paying the doctor’s bills.  He needed a costly surgery now and there was no one to loan them the money, so her parents lost their hope and gave up their efforts.

What Can a Dollar and Eleven Cents Do? (

        When Tess heard her daddy say to her tearful mother, “Only a miracle can save him now,” she went to her room and pulled a jar of coins from a cupboard.  She poured all the money out on the floor and counted it carefully.  Holding the jar tightly, she made her way to the medical store and placed it on the glass table.

        “What do you want?” asked the chemist.  “It’s for my little brother,” Tess answered, “He’s really, really sick and I want to buy a miracle.”

        “We don’t sell miracles here, child.  I’m sorry,” the chemist said, smiling sadly at the little girl.  “Listen, I have the money to pay for it.  If it isn’t enough, I can try and get some more.  Just tell me how much it costs.”

        At the shop there was a well-dressed customer.  He bent down and asked the little girl, “What kind of a miracle does your brother need? “I don’t know,” she replied with her eyes welling up.  “He’s really sick and Mummy says he needs an operation.  But my Daddy can’t pay for it, so I have brought my savings.” “How much do you have?” asked the man. “One dollar and eleven cents, but I can try and get some more,” she answered barely audible.

        “Wonderful,” smiled the man.  “A dollar and eleven cents, the exact price of a miracle for little brother!” He took her money in one hand and held her hand with the other.  He said, “Take me to your home.  I want to see your brother and meet your parents.  Let’s see if I have the kind of miracle he needs.”

        That well-dressed man was Dr.Carlton Armstrong, a famous neurosurgeon.  He had Andrew admitted to hospital where he operated on him without any charges. Within a few weeks Andrew was back at home and doing well.

        “That surgery,” her Mum whispered, “was a real miracle.  I wonder how much it would have cost.”

What Can a Dollar and Eleven Cents Do? (

        Tess smiled. She knew exactly how much the miracle cost - one dollar and eleven the love of a little child.
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