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An Adventure - 6th Class

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Look at the picture and discuss the questions that follow:

An Adventure (

1. What is the man in the picture doing?
2. Where do you think he is going?
3. Can you imagine the dangers he is likely to face? Mention a few of them.
4. What is this type of activity called?
5. Have you ever participated in such an activity? If yes, share your experience with your classmates.

A. Reading

Read the following story and answer the questions that follow:
       “Let’s go,” said Seema, “or it will be time for lunch before we know it.”

        “Yes, let’s go towards the old temple,” said Arun, her cousin.

        As always, they had come to Vishnupur on a vacation to their grandparents. It was a small,  quiet  town  surrounded  by  green  hills  and  some  ancient  ruins. They particularly loved going for walks and spent hours exploring the old temple in a fort nearby. Sometimes they pretended to be rulers of an ancient kingdom. At other times, they played hide-and-seek.

        “Catch me if you can,” shouted Arun, and he ran ahead.

         “I’ll catch you in a minute,” replied Seema, as she followed.

An Adventure (

         Arun was soon out of sight as he went round the corner. Seema knew his favourite hiding place and smiled to herself thinking, “He won’t escape me.”

         She ran down the hill towards the old temple where she knew Arun would be hiding. But he wasn’t there!

         ‘He must have gone to the cave,’ she thought. This was another favourite place  for them – a cave hidden behind some creepers.

         “Arun... I’m here,” Seema called out as she reached the cave.

         There was no reply. Seema could not see anyone. She was about to enter the cave when she caught sight of a piece of torn, crumpled paper on the ground. She picked it up and unfolded it out. How odd! It had letters CLP written on it!

         Just then she heard Arun calling  out, “Seema, where are you?”

         “Here,” said Seema to Arun, who was standing at the entrance of the cave. “I was looking for you.”

         “What have you got in your hand?” asked Arun.

          “It’s nothing - just a piece of paper with CLP written on it,” said Seema. “Don’t throw it. Let me see   it,” said Arun, as he took the paper from her. He looked at it carefully and said, “See, if you look at the torn edge of the letter, which could be an E and not a C.”

        “Do you think it could be HELP?” asked Seema.

        “HELP... My goodness! Someone is in trouble. We must find him,” said Arun.

         “Or her,” added Seema. “But where do we go? There is no one in the temple and there is no one in the cave too.”

         “Let’s try the Meena Bazaar. There is a secret passage...” said Arun excitedly.

         Meena Bazaar was once a popular market for royal ladies, but all that remained now was just a few crumbling walls. A secret passage was connected to the market. They ran towards it.

         There they found a man with his hands and feet tied up. He had a gag on his mouth and was struggling to free himself. The children removed the gag and helped him free his hands and feet.

        “Hurry!” the man said. “The smugglers will be back.”

         They ran all the way through the secret passage. They were soon out of breath.

        “Don’t... stop... yet,” panted the man. “They’ll be back any moment.”

         Soon they reached home. Their grandparents were surprised to see them.

        “Now tell us who you are,” Seema asked the man.

        “And who tied you up,” added Arun.

        “And why,” continued Seema.

        “I’ll tell you the whole story... but first call the police,” said the man.

        The police arrived in no time. The man they had freed was a police officer in plain clothes! He was following a gang of smugglers who had caught him and tied him up. Before that, he had managed to write HELP on a piece of paper and had thrown it, hoping that someone would find it.

        “They were going to kill me, but thanks to you. I’m safe. We will now go and catch the smugglers,” said the man.

        “What an adventure! Wait till I tell my friends about it,” said Seema.

         “They’ll never believe us!” said Arun.

         “That’s enough, children. It is time for lunch!” said Granny.
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