Saturday, May 9, 2015

Together We Live - 4

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UNIT 3: Together We Live


I. Read the following phrases.
a green valley
a lush green valley
As you know the words ‘lush’ and ‘green’ are adjectives.
They describe the noun, ‘valley’. If we have to add one
more adjective ‘deep’ to the above adjectives where would we add? Here
are some of the possibilities:
a lush green deep valley
a lush deep green valley
a deep lush green valley
The first combination is the only acceptable combination. Now we have to
understand why the first combination is acceptable.

Sequencing of adjectives
This table explains the order of adjectives coming before a noun.
Opinion Size Age Shape Colour Material Purpose Object
good huge - round black leather - bag
bad tiny old square white plastic sleeping chair
terrible small new oval blue metal hunting pen
• a good huge round black leather bag
• old white plastic chair
• small new blue metal pen

Think of three adjectives for each of the following nouns and write
them before the nouns in an acceptable order.
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