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Together We Live - 3

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UNIT 3: Together We Live


I. The villagers of Siripuram carried many things with them on carts to the town. Write the names of any four of them.

Now, write sentences using the words you have listed.

II. There are many words that end in either ‘–ous’ or ‘–able.’ For example- prosperous, honourable
‘-ous’, and ‘-able’ are  suffixes. By  adding  these  and  several other suffixes (‘-less’, ‘-ment’, ‘-ness’, ‘-ful’…) we can make new words.

danger +ous  = dangerous            favour + able = favourable
courage + ous = courageous         remark + able = remarkable
(Remember in words such as ‘curious, delicious, anxious,’ the ending ‘ous’ is not a suffix.)

Now, complete the words using appropriate suffixes.
taste_______ wash_______ sick_______
end_______ work_______ hope_______
beauty_______ pay_________ search_______
move_______ announce_______ accept_______

III. Read the following phrase.
‘a dash of salt and pepper.’
It means a little of salt and pepper powder. A dash is also used in
the following expressions.
‘a dash of lemon juice’ ‘a dash of colour’
‘a dash of sugar’ ‘a dash of coffee’

These phrases are called Collocations.
Now,  read  the phrases given  in  the  first  column  and  tick  (Right Mark )  in  the
appropriate box the words that will collocate or go together with each phrase.
phrases sugar salt flowers sticks honey
a pinch of
a bunch of
a bundle of
a lot of
a spoonful of
Based on the collocations you have made, frame sentences using them.
One is done for you.
a spoonful of honey: Radha takes a spoonful of honey every morning.
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