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Peace and Harmony - Vocabulary

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I. Read the following sentences from the story:
They heard a soft voice.
The pythons have long bodies.
It was easy for the jackal to hunt the smaller animals and birds.
The jackal told the elephant, “You are the biggest animal in the forest.”
He said to the peacock, “You are the loveliest bird in the forest.”
The underlined words are called Adjectives.

1. They come either before or after the noun ( a tall boy )
2. They take intensifiers like very, quite, etc. (a very tall boy)
3. They have degrees of comparasion -  Positive, Comparative and Superlative.
Here are the three forms of a few adjectives.
Positive Comparative Superlative
dark darker darkest
small smaller smallest
near nearer nearest
big bigger biggest
lovely lovelier loveliest
dirty dirtier dirtiest
melodious more melodious most melodious
Read the following paragraph carefully, underline all adjectives and   write the other degrees of comparison for them.
        Yesterday we went for a picnic to Nehru Zoological Park which is one of the biggest zoos in the country. The climate was cool and pleasant. We saw many animals, birds, reptiles etc. We also saw a very large elephant. After that, we saw a  tall giraffe  with a long neck. There were also some small birds which sang  sweet songs. There was  a beautiful peacock which danced majestically. We went very close to the brown cobra. We felt very happy. We reached home late in the evening

II. Read the following words. Each pair has one word and  the other word  is  its opposite in meaning:
big      X   small             near      X   far
dark   X   light               open     X   close
happy X   unhappy        start      X   stop
large   X  small              thick      X   thin
live     X  die                 appear   X  disappear
long    X  short             common X   uncommon

Now fill in the blanks in the sentences given below with the word opposite in meaning to the one in bold letters.
1. The elephant’s eyes are small but its body is ————————————
2. The animals were happy in the beginning. After the jackal entered the  forest, they became ————————
3. The giraffe’s neck is very long but its tail is —————————
4. Mangoes are sweet but lemons are ——————————————
5. The coconut is a tall tree but the guava is a ——————— tree.

III. The  following pairs of words are  similar  in meaning. Pick out    such   pairs
from the story you have just read.
animals –    creatures          small  –   tiny
build    –     construct          talk    –   speak
large    –     big, huge
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