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Peace and Harmony - Glossary

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UNIT-1: Peace and Harmony


gymnastics (n) : physical exercises
property (n) : objects or things owned by somebody
woe (n) : extreme sadness
harmony (n) : a state of living together peacefully
unanimously (adv) : unitedly
bloat (v) : become bigger and bigger (swell unpleasantly)

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I. Answer the following questions:
1. How were the animals before the jackal joined them? Pick out the words which
describe their mood.
2. What happened to the animals after the jackal came to the forest?
3. What was the jackal’s plan? How did it succeed?
4. What did the animals do to check the jackal’s evil design?
5. How was the moon disguised?  Why did he choose that form?
*6. Why did the sadhu ask the jackal to take him for his meal? Would  you do the
same if  you were in his place?
7. What did the sadhu teach the animals in the forest?
*8. Do you think the sadhu sacrificed his life for the sake of animals in the forest?
Give reasons for your answer.

II. Read  the  following paragraph and analyse  it  in  terms of cause and effect  / consequence.  One has been done for you.
The animals in the forest were friendly, so the jackal could not eat any animal.  The jackal then thought of a plan and implemented it.  The animals started suspecting each other as the jackal’s plan worked.  The life in the forest became dull because there were no musical evenings.  All the animals requested the sadhu for help, so he talked to the animals and the birds and solved their problem.  However, the sadhu didn’t want to kill the jackal, but preferred to teach a lesson to it.
Cause Consequence
All the animals in the forest were friendly. The jackal couldn’t eat any animal.

III. Rearrange the following sentences in the order of their occurrence in the  story. Then rewrite them  into  a meaningful coherent  paragraph  using appropriate linkers.
1. The animals and the birds requested the moon to help them.
2. The moon came in the form of a sadhu.
3. The jackal created an unfriendly atmosphere.
4. The peace and harmony in the forest was disturbed.
5. The jackal entered the forest.
6. The peace and harmony in the forest was restored.
7. The jackal did not like this, so it killed the sadhu.
8. The sadhu talked to everyone in the forest and tried to restore peace.
9. They often held musical evenings.
10. The animals and the birds began suspecting each other.
11. The animals and the birds were living happily together.
12. The stomach of the jackal bloated and then burst.
Here is the first sentence:  The animals and the birds were living happily together.
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