Wednesday, January 17, 2018

State Level Inter School Cultural Competitions-2018 at JNTU Kakinada

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State Level Inter School Cultural Competitions-2018 at JNTU Kakinada

Children Festivals
Aim of Children Festival

    To bridge the gap between illiterate parents and teachers
    To re-establish a link between theory and practice in teaching
    To energize the total school environment
    To give opportunity to children to show their innate abilities
    To create atmosphere of joyful learning

What is Children Festival?

KRIYA conducts various competitions like Rhymes, Drawing, Reading, Storytelling, Model making, Running, Project work, Written test in basics of Mathematics, Dictionary skills, Science Experiments, Elocution, Singing, English/Hindi Role Play, Map making, Computer skills, Cultural activities etc., in government schools and give class wise and activity wise prizes.
Why only in Government Schools?

Almost all the children studying in Government schools came from poor families and most of the parents are illiterate.
What is the procedure?

KRIYA identify a school to conduct Children Festival through our contacts with teachers working in Government schools. One or Two KRIYA volunteers visit that school and explain everything to the teachers like list of competitions, how to make the children to prepare for each competition etc., And fix the convenient date to conduct the Children Festival leaving at least 10 days gap for preparation. Then the KRiYA volunteers give the practice material for Drawing (Crayons and two sets of papers) to the total strength of the school in Primary and UP Schools. In case of High Schools volunteers give Practice paper for Mathematic basics written test to the total strength.
On the Day

At least 6 KRIYA volunteers reach the school at 9.00am along with material for competitions and prizes. The Day starts with School Assembly. 5 KRIYA volunteers go to 5 classes to conduct the competitions one by one in each class. They finish all the competitions by 1.00pm except Cultural activities. After Lunch, in a open area the cultural activities start, then the prize distribution follows on the same stage. Parents also attend for the afternoon session.

KRIYA asks the feedback from teachers and students, then it makes necessary changes in the future events. KRIYA will send an album of 40 photos and a DVD with photos and videos to the school.

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