Thursday, December 21, 2017

Summative Assessment-1 - Guidelines to MEOs, Barcode Lable and Check ListT Formats

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Govt. of A.P. School Education Department
for 8th and 9th Class

Instructions to the MEO office for safe packing and forwarding of the OMR sheet
Packets to the DEO Office

All the MEOs are hereby instructed to follow the following procedure for safe packing and  forwarding of the OMR Answer sheet packets to the DEOs:

1.  For  effective  control  and  accountability  of  the  OMR  Answer  sheet  Packets received from  the  Schools,  a  Barcode Label which  contains  the  School  Code, School Name, Class, Date of  Exam, Session, Medium, Bar code etc. for all the schools have been generated.

2.  The respective MEOs can download these Barcode Lables from the DGE website.
Cut the barcode lables for the concerned date of examination and required to affix these Barcode Lables on the OMR Answer sheet packets of the concerned.

3. The sequence number is printed above the barcode lable. Arrange the barcode lables in the sequence order after cutting for ease of affixing the barcode lables on the OMR Answer sheet packets.

4.  The Sample Barcode Lable is shown below:
5.  These Barcode Labels are generated in the order of Day wise, Class wise, Session wise (Morning/Evening), School wise and Medium wise.

6.  A Check List is made available in the DGE website for download. Use the check list to mark the receipt of the OMR Answer sheet packets.

7.  The Check Lists also must be sent along with OMR Answer sheet packets and a copy of Check Lists shall be retained by the MEO.

8.  This activity is essential for MEOs to ascertain that all the school OMR Packets are received and facilitate the DGE office for noting them in the inward section based on the Barcode on the OMR sheet packet.

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