Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Video Conference with the RJDs, DEOs and POs of SSA by Honourable Minister of HRD on 22-11-2017

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by Honourable Minister for HRD ON  22-11-2017

Agenda for Review with DEOs:

1.    Student Learning Outcomes
a.    Conduct of NAS – Scanning & Uploading data
b.    Assessment Cell related – Assessment Analytics Dissemination workshops for HMs & School wise action plan preparation
c.    Remediation Classes – material, conduct, results/outcomes
d.    Visits to Schools - Class Room Observation, Lesson Plans, etc.
2.    IT & SIMS Related
a.    Biometric Attendance (e-Hazar)
b.    APGER, Confirmation of enrolment by HMs – Status, campaign
c.    UDISE – 2017-18 - Action Plan
d.    DCR  - Usage and impact, AMC etc.
e.    Implementation of e-office.
f.    Removal of eWaste – Old ICT Lab computers, etc.
3.    Implementation of ODF action plan.
a.    Batching and matching & Project work on ODF
b.    Project work on other social works (Plantation etc.,)
c.    Sanction status of Community Toilets as School Toilets
4.    Mid-Day Meal Programme
a.    LPG connections to School Kitchens and 100% Usage – Zero use of Firewood for MDM – reimbursement of funds
b.    Submission of Attendance through App/SMS - %, reasons
c.    Kitchen Sheds, including Centralized Kitchens – Status, pending issues, funds position, etc.
d.    Supply of Rice Supply through e-POS
e.    Supply of Eggs
5.    Teacher Related
a.    Teacher Transfers – Unrelieved Teachers & district wise uploading info. on teachers to be relieved and substitute teachers
b.    Mandal wise vacancies of teachers, number, % of total Teacher Posts in the Mandal
c.    Preparation of Teachers Seniority lists  - Cadre wise status
d.    Teachers absent for in-service training during Summer 2017
6.    Maintenance & Civil Works
a.    Progress on Maintenance Works approved for  DIETs, Schools – Joint Review by DEO & PO 
b.    Progress on works under MGNREGS
c.    Progress on works relating to Playfields
7.    Untrained teachers enrolment in D.El.Ed through NIOS
a.    Verify and confirm the genuineness of the service particulars of 725 untrained teachers, who  paid fee in the CSE website 
b.    Orientation Workshops for all Untrained Teachers in the districts – date of conducting, number attended, issues to be resolved.
8.    RMSA – Secondary Education
a.    Review of Annual Grants expenditures, issues, clarifications
b.    Civil Works – Unfinished ACRs, Pending Payments phase wise, status of Phase V construction, etc.
c.    AP Model Schools – DEO Visits/Inspections, issues if any
d.    Vocational Education
e.    Girls Hostels
f.    Inclusive Education for Disabled Children at Secondary Stage (IEDSS)
g.    Self Defense/Martial Arts Training
h.    School Excursions
i.    Science & Maths Kits under RMSA
j.    Kala Utsav
k.    Remediation for Class IX Students
9.    Preparations for 2018-19 & New Projects
a.    Online submission of applications for School Recognition
b.    NT Books for 2018-19
c.    Opening of English Medium Parallel Sections in all Model Primary Schools and Other Primary Schools
d.    BADIKOSTA - Bicycles to IX Class Girls – Data purification
e.    Identifying Schools of Excellence (SoE) in every Constituency on the lines of Chandrampalem
f.    Site preparation for setting up Virtual Class Rooms
g.    In Service Teachers Training during Summer 2018
10.     Court Cases
a.    Last three years court cases  review – Status position
b.    Action points for DEOs
11.    DyEO & MEO related
a.    Visits & Inspections
b.    Training Programme – District wise status of trained and yet to be trained
12.    Aided Schools - Promotions, absorptions
Any other item with the permission of the Hon’ble MHRD.

Agenda for Review with SSA

1.    Quality initiatives
a.    Status and Impact of Isha Vidya
b.    Status & Impact of TaRL – Pratham
Impact of ALA Initiative in partnerships with RiVER
c.    School Complex
2.    Swachh Vidyalaya
a.    Toilets maintenance – Swachata App – status, progress, issues
b.    Swachh Vidyalaya Puraskar
3.    Out of School Children – Action plan
4.    Inclusive Education Issues
5.    KGBVs functioning
6.    Supply of Uniforms
7.    Shaala Siddhi – Progress, issues, action forward with timelines
8.    Urdu Schools up gradation
9.    Civil Works
a.    Progress on works under Annuity Plan
b.    Progress of Civil works under SSA

Any other item with the permission of the Hon’ble MHRD
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