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Rc No 1233 || List of Selected Teachers/Subject Experts for DCEB Positions- issue of Deputation Orders by the DEOs concerned to the selected Teachers working in School Education

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 Rc No 1233 || List of Selected Teachers/Subject Experts for DCEB Positions- issue of Deputation Orders by the DEOs concerned to the selected Teachers working in School Education
Present: K.SANDHYA RANI. I.Po.S.

RC.No.1233/Estt.IV/2017    Dated:23.1 1.2017

Sub: School Education Department - SCERT AP Amaravati - Assessment Cell - Setting up of District Common Examination Board (DCEB) at District Level - list of Selected Teachers/Subject Experts for DCEB Positions- issue of Deputation Orders by the DEOs concerned to the selected Teachers working in School Education - Requested- Regarding.

Read:-U.O.Note.No.26/B/AC/SCERT/2017. Dated:22.11.2017 of Office of the
Director of SCERT, AP. Amaravati. (Copy enclosed)

Attention of all the District Educational Officers, in the state is invited to the reference read above. They are informed that as per Govt. Memo. No.420155/Prog.II/A1/2016 SE (Prog.II) Dept, dated:03.02.2017, Assessment Cell was established in the O/o Director, SCERT, AP., Amaravati to strengthen the evaluation practices in the School Education Department.

In the same reference, the Government have also permitted to strengthen
the District Common Examination Board (DCEB) at district level duly utilizing the services of subject teachers of School Education Department as subject exper’to work in the DCEB. Accordingly, the selection process has been completed by the Centre for Science of Student Learning (CSSL), New Delhi.

The District Educational Officers concerned are requested to find enclosed annexure i.e. the district selection list of DCEB Members, It is proposed to depute these teachers to work with the DCEB Secretary in respective districts. The teachers may be relieved of their duties with instructions to report before the DCEB Secretary for attending the Assessment related work. The Date of Joining and relief of the teachers concerned should be informed to this office immediately. They should join at DCEB before 30.11.2017. II they do not join, it will be construed that they are not willing and their deputation orders will be cancelled.

All the District Educational Officers in the State are requested to depute the selected teachers / subject experts to work in DCEBs at District Level and report compliance by 30.11.2017.

These teachers will be designated as DCEB Resource Teachers.
The role and responsibilities of the teachers deputed to DCEB ore as follows:

A. Assisting DCEB SecretarIes in Assessment AdmInistratIon
1. Identification of Subject Experts for setting question papers.
2. Managing the database of question paper setters.
3. Preparation of summative question papers with the help of DIET and experience teachers.
4. Monitoring & Supporting schools in uploading of marks.
5. Preparing schedule for external evaluation
6. Preparation of matrix for jumbling of manuals for valuation.
7. Assisting in supply of question papers to Mandal / distribution points
8. Preparation of test / subject / class wise test items with the help of expert teachers.
9. Assisting orientation on Assessments.

B. Assisting the State Assessment Cell on its activities
1. Carrying out the work assigned by State Assessment Cell.
2. Assisting in NAS, SLAS and other assessments undertaken by the state assessment cell.

C. Research Activities:
Undertaking research for improvement of learning levels of children.
2. Assist in micro analysis of learning levels of schools / mandals / district.
3. Assisting in the research undertaken by State Assessment Cell.
4. Perform continuous analysis of test items.
5. Identification of best practices in assessments and dissemination to teachers.
6. Identification and documenting of schools following best evaluation practices. documentation and dissemination.

D. Assist administrators in Review and MonitorIng:
1. Reporting information / data on student learning levels to MEOs, Dy.E.Os and DEOs.
2. Attending school complex meetings, sensitizing & building awareness among Head Masters & Teachers on performance of students in their cluster vis a vis the Mandal, District. State etc.
3. Identifying low performing schools and aid in remediation.
4. Identifying of problems faced by teachers in implementation of CCE.
5. Preparation of comparative analysis of learning levels aning schools and mandals.
6. Preparation of school cards, mandal and district cards after each summative assessment.
7. Attending mondal and district review meetings to present the learning levels of children.
8. Submit weekly work done report to Secretary. DCEB, DEO & SCERT Assessment Cell.

Receipt of these proceedings should be acknowledged.

Encl: List of Teachers.


Click Here to Get RC.No.1233/Estt.IV/2017    Dated:23.1 1.2017
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