Friday, October 27, 2017

AP Memo D3(H6)/10928/2014 || Submission of Digital Life Certificates by Pensioners through Aadhaar based SRDH secured verification service- Instructions

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The following executive instructions are also issued in the matter.
  1. From the wording in the memo and clarification obtained from Special Secretary, submission of Digital life certificate through SRDH verification service is "optional." Physical life certificate can also be obtained from pensioners if they insist for submission of the same. Pensioners drawing pension in any Sub Treasury can submit Digital life certificate from any STO in the state quoting his PPO Id. The advantages of submission of Digital life certificate shall be given wide publicity by all ATOs/STOs. Ex:- Pensioner having PPO record in Visakhapatnam can submit Digital life certificate at Tirupathi STO also.
  2. In respect of pensioners who have obtained Aadhaar number in other states and if there is problem in accessing the data, it will be taken up with UIDAI authorities for providing the data in A.P.
  3. Fingerprint Devices supplied to Treasuries shall be installed to Treasury computer immediately which will generate a 20 digit number in the system. This 20 digit number generated in the system and the machine serial number printed on the machine pack shall be sent to UIADI through DTA Office immediately for activation of the Finger Print Device before 31.10.2017.
  4.  This office is also taking up the issue with the Director, Meeseva for providing the facility of submission of Digital life certificates through Meeseva centres as per existing rules.
  5.  Wide publicity shall be given by Deputy Directors through Local TV/ Press about additional facility in submission of life certificates. Pensioners Associations shall also be informed in advance about convenience in of submission of Digital life certificates.
  6. Taluq Level Pensioners Associations shall be motivated / convinced to install one Fingerprint Device in their office computer also to obtain Digital life certificates from pensioners. One (1) Finger Print Device shall be supplied to them free of cost.
  7.  Wide publicity shall be given about scheduling of pensioners between November and April to avoid pressure on the Sub Treasuries. Unaware of the schedule, if any pensioner turns up at the ~ub Treasury for submission of Digital life certificate, hel she should not be sent back by ATOs/STOs and life certificate should be obtained during 1st visit of pensioner only.
  8.  Local State Bank Managers may also be requested to obtain Digital life certificates from AP State Government Pensioners having SB AlCs in the branch through Cyber Treasury Portal as each SBI branch is equipped with Fingerprint Devices and they are already obtaining Digital life certificates through Jeevan Pramaan- Portal for central Government and Defence pensioners drawing pension with them.
  9. Posters shall be displayed at all the Sub Treasuries and Pension Association Offices about scheduling of pensioners for obtaining Digital life certificates.
  10.  The AD, ASHQT, Ibrahimpatnam shall arrange camps in Hyderabad on select Saturdays for obtaining Digital life certificates from pensioners residing in Hyderabad.
  11.  Any problem in this regard shall be brought to the notice of DTA immediately
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