Saturday, July 15, 2017

Do not find the exact answer. Just estimate! (Bigger Number 5th Maths, Page No 11)

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Do not find the exact answer. Just estimate!

Choose an answer closest to the correct answer and encircle it.

1. Shambhu went to the market and spent  Rs 128 on food items and Rs413 on
clothes. About how much money did Shambhu spend in the market?
Rs400              Rs500               Rs600

2. Ganga goes to the market with Rs372 and spends Rs 193. About how much
money does she have in her purse now?
Rs200             Rs100               Rs300

3. Krishna has ` 321 in his purse. His mother gives him ` 618 more. About
how much money does Krishna have in his purse now?
900                   1200                     800
4. There are 1482 men and 1683 women in Rachapally village according to the
2011 census. About how much is the population of the village?
3000                 4000                      5000
5. There are 842 pages in a book. Anthony has read 421 pages. About how
many pages does he still has to read?
500                    300                         400
6. There are 417 coconut trees in one grove and 386 in the other. About how
many trees are there in all in the two groves?
700                   900                           800
7. About how much is 904 more than 418?
500                   600                            400
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