Monday, July 13, 2015

Model school Admission Test - 2015 Question Paper

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Model school Admission Test - 2015 Question Paper (

Model school Admission Test - 2015 
Class - IV

Telugu, Mathematics, Environmental Studies & English

(Read the instructions carefully before answering questions)

  1. This question paper consists of 100 questions in four sections. 1 mark for each question.
  2. Section-1: Telugu : Question No. 1 25; Section-2: Maths: Question No. 26 to 50; Section-3: Environmental Studies : Question No. 51-75; and Section-4 : English : Qustion No. 76 to 100.
  3. Each question consists of four multiple choice answers. Candidates should opt any one answer for each question.
  4. Answer to be written with blue/black ball pen only.
  5. Answer to be written in the bracket provided to each question.
  6. Over-writing, correction, using white fluid will not be considered for valuation.
  7. Candidates have to attend with their own writing pad and pen.
  8. After the completion of the examination, candidates have to handover the answered question paper to the room-invigilator.
  9. Candidate should ensure that invigilator has signed his signature on the space provided on Question Paper.
  10. Electronic gadgets like Cell phone, Pager, Calculator, Electronic Watches, Bluetooth, Electronic pens, head phones, Ear phones, Mathematical tables and Log tables are not allowed into the examination hall. 
1 Instructions to Candidates ---------- Get PDF file
2 Telugu Section-1 Get PDF file
3 Mathematics Section-2 Get PDF file
4 Environmental Studies Section-3 Get PDF file
5 English Section-4 Get PDF file
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