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The Lost Casket - Glossary

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UNIT-2 The Lost Casket - Glossary

casket (n): a small, decorated box for keeping  jewellery  and valuables
spoils (n): the benefits that someone gets when they win something, for  example a war
audience with: a formal meeting with a very important person
stalk (v): follow and watch in a threatening way
savagely (adv): violently
plunge (v): to move or fall suddenly
assassin (n): someone who kills an important person for political reasons

I. Answer the following questions:
1. Why was Adam Smith so possessive about the casket?
2. How did John reach Shivaji’s durbar?
3. Why did John wish to have a private audience with the king?
4. Why do you think Shivaji disguised himself as a soldier?
5. What did John do to save the soldier?
6. What surprised  John  in the fight?
* 7. What would have happened, if John had not saved Shivaji?
* 8.   Do you agree that John was as brave as Shivaji?  Justify your answer.
9.   How did Shivaji repay John?
10.   Which line in the last paragraph tells us about Shivaji’s generosity?
*11.  What qualities of Shivaji impress you / inspire you most?
*12.   If you were John, would you save Shivaji?  Justify your answer.

II. Say whether  the  following  statements  are True  or False. Correct  the  false statements.
1. Surat was under the control of Englishmen at the time of Shivaji’s attack.
2. The casket was one among the spoils of Surat displayed at the durbar.
3. Shivaji agreed to give back the casket when he listened to the whole story  in the durbar.
4. John did not know before the fight that the lone soldier was Shivaji.
5. Adam Smith was not worried about the loss of the small casket.
6. All the three men who attacked Shivaji got killed in the fight.
7. Shivaji was pleased with the heroic fight of John.

III. Rearrange the following sentences in the order as they occur in the text.
1. One evening when a Maratha soldier was walking in the fort, three men attacked him violently.
2. At the end, the casket was returned to John.
3. Shivaji expressed his gratitude to John by presenting him precious necklace.
4. John was shocked to know that the Maratha soldier was none other than Shivaji.
5. Shivaji killed the assassin with his sword, the Bhawani.
6. Shivaji refused to give away the casket to John because it belonged to his people.
7. When Shivaji attacked the city of Surat, the Englishmen fled for safety.
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