Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Big Surprise - 5

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I. Lalitha wrote a letter to her friend, Usha, about how she got a blue ribbon. Read the letter.
Hi Usha,
I was really surprised the other day when I went to the agribased exhibition at our place. I was called to get the best prize for growing a tomato. You know my tomato was judged without my knowledge. I learnt later that my father had taken my tomato to the exhibition.
How are the things at home? Convey my regards to uncle and aunt.
With love,

Imagine you are Usha. Write a letetr to Lalitha asking her to tell you the secret of growing a prize-worthy tomato.

II. Lalitha wanted to grow tomato plants. Her father helped her to grow the plants. Write a conversation that may have taken place between them and role-play it.
Lalitha : I want to grow vegetables.
Father  :  ________________________.
Lalitha  : _________________________.
Father    :__________________________.
Lalitha : __________________________.
Father  : You can sow them in a corner of our kitchen garden.
Lalitha  : ______________________.
Father  : I’ll also help you in growing the plants.

III. Look at the posters given below and complete the table.

Sl.No. Item Poster1 Poster2
1 Purpose
2 Venue
3 Time and date
4 Products
5 Other features
6 Organised by
7 Others if any
Now work  in  groups. Prepare  a  poster  on  ‘Environment Day Celebrations in your school.’ Be sure the poster has all the necessary information like the one above.

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